February 12, 2019

5 Tips for Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

5 Tips for Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day

One of the questions I hear most during wedding season is “What will we do for photos if it rains?” No need to worry – there are lots of options and you will still have beautiful photos! I know that rain isn’t ideal, and no one wishes for it on their big day but if it happens we’ll make the best of it! Rain can be very romantic and beautiful. Some of my all time favorite wedding moments have actually been on rainy days!

If rain is lurking in the forecast for your wedding day, don’t despair. Here are 5 Tips for Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day:

  1. Have fun with it! Even if it means getting just a little bit wet! It’s not too often that it pours buckets all day long. If there is light rain or a drizzle, we’ll definitely get outside for some photos. I always have white and black umbrellas, along with a couple of clear bubble umbrellas, in the trunk of my car in case the weather decides not to cooperate. Or, feel free to bring your own umbrellas in a fun color or with a bold pattern!
wedding portrait with zebra umbrella and vine wall

This couple used a zebra print umbrella for their zoo wedding portraits!

wedding portrait with bubble umbrella

rainy wedding portrait on a golf cart

  1. Get creative with covered locations.  If there is a chance of rain in the forecast for your wedding day, I’ll be sure to do some extra scouting to find a covered location or two to use for portraits. Overhangs, awnings, tents and covered porches all allow for natural light without having to actually be in the rain.

Shot with Lottie Lillian Photography.


The front porch at the Delafield Hotel is covered and makes for a beautiful portrait location – even without rain! 

3. Wear cute rain boots. When it rains, the ground gets soggy meaning your shoes will get dirty, feet will get wet and heels will sink even deeper into the ground. Consider bringing along a cute pair of rain boots, flats or even flip flops for outdoor portraits!

hunter boots

  1. Bustle your dress.  If you have a dress with a long train and don’t want it to get wet or dirty, have your bridesmaids bustle it for you before you head outside for portraits. Otherwise, your groom is usually more than willing to help out by carrying the train!

  1. Just go with it. If rain is a part of your wedding day story, just go with it. Try not to worry about the entire day and what will happen if it rains. Definitely have a rain plan if you are having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, but then just remember the old saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck!
First look in the rain

A first look in the rain is ultra romantic.

dancing on beach in drizzle

I will forever remember how this sweet and playful couple danced in the drizzle on their wedding day! We raced back to the reception in golf carts as it really started to pour! We laughed so much and made the best of it!

There you have it! 5 tips for embracing rain on your wedding day! I hope this blog post helped ease any fears you may have about rain on your wedding day!