February 12, 2016

Wauwatosa Newborn Photographer | Baby Lillian

Wauwatosa Newborn Photographer

There is something undeniably special about newborn lifestyle sessions.  I love being invited into my client’s homes and documenting their first moments of parenthood or seeing siblings interact with their new little brother or sister.  As a parent of an almost 9 and almost 7 year old, working with newborns always brings me back to the emotions and memories of when my kids were babies. I know how important it is for parents to capture as many moments as possible because they go by much too quickly.  This new family of three was so kind and fun to work with. They instantly made me feel right at home and I could just see the love for each other and baby Lillian in how they interacted with each other.  Lillian (already nicknamed “Lilypad” by Grandma!) was so angelic and hardly made a peep during the entire session.