February 27, 2017

What is a Newborn Lifestyle Session? | Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Milwaukee

In the photography world, the term “lifestyle” is well understood when it comes to newborn sessions.  But, as I was recently talking to some mom friends about the type of newborn photography I do, I realized that even though photographers are familiar with what a lifestyle session is, many of the non-photogs out there don’t know the difference between a posed portrait type session and a lifestyle session. To help clarify, this blog post explains exactly what a newborn lifestyle session is and why I love them so much!

You know those adorable studio portraits of newborn babies swaddled up tight, sound asleep with pompom hats and their head propped up in their hands?  Well, a lifestyle newborn session is the exact opposite of that! As beautiful as those photos are, my heart is drawn to capturing connection and emotion and that’s what a lifestyle session is all about.  It focuses on the love and natural interaction between mom, dad, siblings (if there are any yet) and baby in the setting of their own home.  (Scroll for more…)

Essentially, a lifestyle session is all about story telling. In any story, it’s the details that create the framework and are what really brings it to life!  The details in a newborn session could be the nursery décor that you spent months planning and shopping for, your family’s heirloom bassinet, a handmade baby blanket that you were gifted by your great aunt, your family pet or anything else that is special to you or baby. These details are all thoughtfully captured as a way to preserve your story at this exact moment in your lives. (Scroll for more…)

Newborn lifestyle sessions are usually shot in the nursery, master bedroom, family or living room and where ever else you might have beautiful light! The photography style is a mix of photojournalistic, documentary and traditional portraiture.  It’s less smiling for the camera and more interacting with baby and each other.  (I do always work in some of those “say cheese” photos, though!).  The real treasures are the “in-between” moments when you forget the camera is even there…when you’ve fallen under the spell of your baby’s gaze and you are the only ones in the room. (Scroll for more….)

Baby is definitely the star of the session, so extra attention is paid to tiny little hands, feet and lips with bonus points for yawns! (Scroll for more…)

From my own experience with two babies (now 9 and 7), I know that becoming a parent speeds time up by like 1000%!  Each new phase that your baby goes through is filled with such a huge range of emotions – awe, wonderment, joy, frustration, confusion, and more frustration! – but truly, we want to remember every minute of this journey because they grow and change much. too. fast.  A newborn lifestyle session is the perfect way to document all the feelings and emotions that came with welcoming this teeny little person into your home and hearts forever.

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