March 22, 2018

Michelle Kujawski Photography | Studio

Michelle Kujawski Photography | New Studio

I’m so excited to share my “new” studio with you! I actually had this studio set up a few years ago, but then decided to rent “on-demand” studio space in Milwaukee for indoor photoshoots instead. However, I soon realized that was inconvenient for Lake Country clients to drive to Milwaukee and back. I spent some time trying to find a local space to rent, but was never able to find exactly what I was looking for. For this reason, I’ve decided to bring back my in-home studio!

I’ve always loved shooting in this room in our home – it’s filled with windows and sooo much natural light. It is perfect for a mini session (which I am offering starting this spring!) with babies, small children and even families – especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. It can also be used for product photography or head shots!  The paint is a soft grey color, which gives the images just the right amount of warmth. I like to keep props to a minimum and let the subjects be the real focus of the images, but I do have several pieces of neutral colored furniture, fabrics, wraps and stuffed animals. If clients also want to have some outdoor portraits for variety, I also have a beautiful, grassy field behind our house!

Below are some images that were taken in the studio just this past week! This sweet little sister and brother were so fun to photograph!