April 3, 2019

Trip to Paris, France | November 2018

Trip to Paris, France | November 2018

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite images my trip to Paris this past November. This was my third visit to the City of Lights, but the first time going with my husband, which made it extra special! The other two times were with my best friend – first as college students with backpacks and a rail pass and then as moms for a little getaway (and trip down memory lane)!

I took French as a foreign language starting in 6th grade through my junior year of college. In class, we learned more than just vocabulary and grammar. We learned about French culture, food, literature, fashion and architecture. Looking back, I’m sure this is how my obsession with all things French began. Before leaving, I brushed up on my French and was able to use it almost every circumstance. Buying cheese at “la fromagerie” and bread at “la boulangerie” was good practice. The highlight, though, was I purchased train tickets to Versailles and the man at the counter said my French was “perfect”. Ahhh…. life goal achieved!

On the last day of our trip, I planned a photoshoot for my husband and I so we could be in some photos together. We had done the same thing when visiting Spain two years prior and the album that I made with those photos is one of my absolute favorite memories of that trip. I shared just a few of those images at the end of the blog post.

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print or canvas of any of these images, they are available for purchase in my print shop! If you don’t see what you are look for please email me at mkujphotography@gmail.com. Enjoy!